Eddyline Trail Series

The 2023 Eddyline Trail Series Results are in!
Top 3 Overall Women & Men win Cash Prizes!

            First Place:  $200    Second Place:  $150    Third Place:  $100

2023 Women's Winners  < click for full results
1.  Britty Barrett
2.  Lisa Gidday
3.  Erin Stock

2023 Men's Winners  < click for full results

1.  Alex San Filippo-Rosser
2.  Corey Robinson
3.  Cody Pleak

  1. All runners are entered into the series. No minimum number of runs required.
  2. Each race is divided into male and female categories and distances (if applicable).
  3. Each runner receives points based on their overall finishing position in their category and the number of runners finishing. For example, if 50 male runners finish one race, the 1st place finisher gets 50 points down to the last placed finisher who gets 1 point. This rewards runners more who do well in larger fields.
  4. Runners also score in their age group with the 1st place runner getting 25 points, 2nd 20 points, 3rd 15 points, 4th 10 points and 5th 5 points. This rewards runners who place well in their age group but not necessarily so well overall.
  5. After the last run, the male and female runners with the most points (top three) get cash prizes.
  6. CASH PRIZES!!   The Top 3 Men/Women will be awarded cash prizes at the end of the series, usually in October.  You do not need to attend the awards ceremony to win.
            First Place:  $200    Second Place:  $150    Third Place:  $100

2022 Women's Winners  < click for full results
1. Marina Lepikhina
2. Valerie Poulin
3. Kriston Koepp
2022 Men's Winners < click for full results
1. Brandon Johanns
2. Corey Robinson
3. Andrew Otter