2020 Schedule of Trail Runs

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All runs are subject to cancellation or change due to the Corona Virus.

Covid Considerations
In order to promote social distancing we will have an open start time for our runs at present. Please show up any time between 15 mins prior to 15 mins after the posted start times, register and start running. This should space runners out on course. Please have masks available to wear at the start/finish, while around other people.
Please plan on being self-sufficient on the run with water and food. We will try to provide post run refreshments.
Provided we do not exceed the 25 person limit, runners may hang around after the run, but must social distance from each other.
MAY 31, SUN. 10.00am        GRACELAND AT HARTMAN ROCKS  (Moved from Sat May 30th) 
Course: A run from McCabe’s trailhead to Scary Hill Road then loop around Gateway trail to Josie’s and onto Graceland and then return to the start. Great trails through the sagebrush and rocky outcroppings of Hartman Rocks. 
Distance: Approx 7 miles, all on single track trails and dirt roads.
Meet: At the McCabe’s Lane trailhead at Hartman Rocks. Take Hwy 50 west from Gunnison for 2.5 miles, then turn south and follow McCabe’s Lane (County Road 32) for 1.5 miles and the trailhead will be on the left. 
Director: Martin Catmur

JUNE 7, SUN. 9.00am        SNODGRASS TRAIL 
Course: An out and back run on the Snodgrass trail through aspen groves and with nice views of Crested Butte mountain from Washington Gulch to just short of the Gothic road. 
Distance: Up to 6 miles, all on single track trail. Runners can turn around at any point.    
Meet: At the Snodgrass trailhead on Washington Gulch road.
Director: Skip Berkshire

JUNE 13, SAT.  9.30am        LUPINE LOOP
Course: From Gunsight Pass road down Slate River road to Lupine II trail. Climb Lupine II and then up Smith Hill road to Gunsight connector trail, then down to Gunsight Pass road and back to the start.
Distance: Approx 6 miles, all on single track trail and dirt roads with great views down into Slate River valley.
Meet: At the parking area on Gunsight Pass road, just off Slate River road about 4 miles north of Crested Butte.
Director: Jolene Dreith

Course: Start at the Walrod Gulch trailhead, up Lower Cement Creek trail to the Homeowners trail then down to Pioneer guest ranch. Cross Cement Creek road then onto trail 409, up past the caves and over trail 418 to Walrod Gulch and back to the start.
Distance: 6 miles, all on single track trail and dirt roads
Meet: At the Walrod Gulch trailhead on Cement Creek road approx 3 miles from Hwy 135. Hang around after the run for the 24th annual “Brian’s beer, brats, boys and babes bash” so bring warm clothing and enjoy a beer (or soda) and a brat around the bonfire and celebrate the summer solstice.
Director: Brian Dale
Course: A preview of the first part of the 4th July 1/3 marathon course. From the Gothic townsite to Treasury road in Mt Crested Butte. Snodgrass trailhead out to Gothic and back.
Distance: 5 miles, all on dirt roads and paved roads.
Meet: In the ski area main parking lot, opposite the Nordic Inn in Mt Crested Butte for a 6.00pm shuttle to Gothic. At the Snodgrass trailhead just north of Mt Crested Butte.The run will be followed by pizza and refreshments at the finish.

8.6 miles on gravel and paved roads starting in Gothic and ending on Elk Avenue in Crested Butte. More info

JULY 12, SUN. 9.00am        CEMENT CREEK LOOP
Course: Run the Lower Cement Creek trail from the Caves trail parking area up to Walrod Gulch road. Then climb up Walrod to the Warm Springs trail, descend Warm Springs to the new Middle Cement trail and then return to the start on the Lower Cement Creek trail. 
Distance: 6 miles, all on single track trails and dirt roads.
Meet: At the Caves trail (Trail 409) parking area on Cement Creek road approx 1.5 miles from Hwy 135.
Director: Cosmo Langsfeld    

JULY 18, SAT. 9.00am        
The classic Grin and Bear It trail run with a new twist. The traditional 15km round trip from the Crested Butte Nordic Center to Green Lake and back, or a new 25km loop run using the Baxter Gulch trail to Green Lake and back on the Green Lake trail. More info
This run is part of the Eddyline Trail Series

A half marathon on the dirt roads and trails on Mt Crested Butte. Start in the resort base area and wind up through the Westside trails and top out at the top of the Silver Queen chairlift and then return via the Meander trail and the top of Painter Boy and the Columbine trail.  More info
This run is part of the Eddyline Trail Series

JULY 30, THUR. 6.00pm        LOWER LOOP    
Course: From the Town of Crested Butte to Woods Walk, Budd trail and Upper Lower Loop to Gunsight Pass road then Lower Lower Loop to Peanut Lake road and back to the start.
Distance: 8 miles on single track trail, dirt roads and a short section of paved road.
Meet: At the Meyer house at 124 Maroon Ave in Crested Butte.
Director: Katie Meyer

Paradise Divide course: From Rustler’s Gulch down Gothic road to the Gothic campground, up trail 403 to the head of Washington Gulch valley, then up and over Paradise Divide and around to Schofield Pass. Climb trail 401 then descend back to Rustler’s Gulch. Great views of all the valleys north of Crested Butte and meadows of wildflowers.                
Distance: Approx 15 miles, all on single track trail and dirt roads.
Trail 401 course: From Rustler’s Gulch head up Gothic road to the top of Schofield Pass. Climb trail 401 and then descend back to Rustler’s Gulch. Enjoy the views and flowers of the classic trail 401.
Distance: Approx 8.5 miles all on single track and dirt roads.
Meet: At the Rustler’s Gulch turnoff about 2 miles north of Gothic. Please carpool if possible and carry food, water and energy drink. 
Director: Andrew Breibart
AUG 15, SAT. 8.30am        STRAWBERRY
Course: From Brush Creek road run the Canal trail to Farris Creek trail. Climb Farris and then drop down to the intersection of Strawberry trail. Run Strawberry over to Brush Creek road then return to the start via Death Pass and the Canal trail. 
Distance: Approx 9 miles all on single track trail and dirt roads with two creek crossings. 
Meet: At the Canal trailhead about 4 miles from Hwy 135 on Brush Creek road. Carry food, water and energy drink. Marcel’s gourmet lunch will be served after the run.  
Director: Marcel Medved

AUG 23, SUN. 9.00am        LILY LAKE LOOP
Course: From Kebler Pass road, run up Splains Gulch road to the Lily Lake trail. Follow Lily Lake trail up and around the lake and then down to join Ohio Pass road. Return to the start via Ohio Pass road and the Wagon trail. 
Distance: 6 miles, all on single track trail and dirt roads.
Meet: On Kebler Pass road at the Splains Gulch turnoff, approx 5.25 miles west of Crested Butte.

SEPT 5, SAT. 6.00am        SUMMER GT *
Approx 36 miles from Crested Butte to Aspen roughly following the renowned winter Grand Traverse ski route. More info
SEPT 12, SAT. 8.00am         PARK TO PEAK TO PINT*
A 16 mile run from Rainbow Park in Crested Butte to the peak of Mt Crested Butte and then to the base area of the ski resort. Or a 10 mile option without the peak summit. More info
This run is part of the Eddyline Trail Series

Course: From Camp 4 Coffee in Crested Butte to Camp 4 Coffee in Crested Butte South via Tony’s trail, Upper upper loop, Brush Creek Road, Canal trail, Strand bonus, Trail 409, Walrod cutoff, Walrod Gulch and Cement Creek road or shuttle to Brush Creek road and then follow the course to the finish. 
Distance: 19 miles without the shuttle, 13.5 miles with the shuttle. Mostly single track trail with some dirt roads and a short section of paved road 
Meet: At Camp 4 Coffee at 4th St and Elk Ave in Crested Butte. Registration for this run is $30 and includes post race refreshments from Camp 4 Coffee, beer from Eddyline Brewery and a finishers coffee mug. Transport back to Crested Butte will be provided. More info
Director: Martin Catmur
This run is part of the Eddyline Trail Series

Course: From 3rd St and Maroon Ave in Crested Butte to Peanut Lake road and back on the Woods Walk trail. Run with the High School Cross Country team. All entry fees and donations go to the Titan Booster Club supporting High School sports.
Distance: 4 miles on single track trails, dirt roads and paved roads.
Meet: At Totem Pole Park in Crested Butte, 3rd St and Maroon Ave. Pizza at the Brick Oven follows the run along with the drawing for the Paradox Footwear raffle.

* These events are not Mountain Runners events and require additional entry fees.
$25 annual membership in the Crested Butte Mountain Runners includes entry into all runs except as noted above. Non members pay $5 per run.  Refreshments are provided after each run but runners should carry their own food and drink while running if necessary. Information an all runs may be obtained from Martin Catmur at (970) 275-7763.

Run to win! The Paradox Footwear Mountain Runners raffle. Win a pair of shoes.
Attend four or more Mountain Runners runs and be entered into the end of season raffle. Your name is entered after you have attended (or directed) four runs. At the final run we will draw names for two pairs of trail shoes from Paradox Footwear. When you are in the market for a pair of shoes, check out the selection at Paradox Footwear at 428 Elk Ave in Crested Butte.

Some runs are located on the Gunnison National Forest under permit from the Forest Service USDA.
Some runs are held on Crested Butte Land Trust (CBLT) property. 
No part of the fee for this activity is being paid to CBLT; CBLT is permitting the described activity to occur on CBLT lands free of charge.

Eddyline Brewing is proud to present the sixth annual Eddyline Trail Running Series. This series of four trail running events includes trail races along scenic trails in Crested Butte.  From July to September, each race offers new terrain, vistas, and mountain views at distances ranging from 9 to 19 miles. Earn points at each event to compete for prizes and every race supports an important nonprofit organization in the Valley.
Sign up for each race separately. Finishing any event automatically enters you in the series! www.livingjourneys.org/trailseries